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If you are overwhelmed with your personal debt levels, or just can’t seem to get ahead, a meeting with a local Insolvency Trustee just might provide you with the answers that you need.  Getting accurate and timely information is the key to making the right financial decisions and Victoria Bankruptcy Services can help.  Sitting down with the professionals at C.E. Craig & Associates Inc, a Victoria British Columbia based firm will give you the peace of mind that you need.  Our staff includes credit counsellors, insolvency administrators and Bankruptcy Trustees who deal exclusively with the federally regulated Canadian Insolvency System and are here to help you.   Colleen Craig and her staff at C.E. Craig & Associates Inc can help you understand your options, to help you get out of your financial trouble and get you back on track.

Victoria Bankruptcy Services offers extended office hours in Victoria B.C. so if you are travelling from the Gulf Islands, Mill Bay, Duncan, Langford or the extended Western Communities we will be here to meet you in personal to provide personal bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.  And best of all the first initial consultation with our staff is provided FREE.

If you prefer to send us your information and questions by e-mail, please fill in and submit the Personal Evaluation Form and our trustee will provide you with a feedback in regards to the debt management option that best fits your situation.

Victoria Bankruptcy Services is part of C.E. Craig and Associates Inc. who is a bankruptcy trustee located right here in Victoria, BC. Don’t let filing for bankruptcy be an onerous and time-consuming task.  Come in and talk to our Insolvency Professionals who will help you understand all of your debt repayment options including discussing debt repair or credit counselling. So let C.E. Craig and Associates Inc assist you with the legal process of filing for bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal.

Victoria Bankruptcy Services and C.E. Craig and Associates Inc. have extensive experience with all aspects of the Canadian Bankruptcy System and will diligently work to outline the bankruptcy process for you so it is clear and transparent. That way you can spend time on the more important tasks in life and make your way to making a fresh start.  Only a bankruptcy trustee like C.E. Craig and Associates Inc. has the authority to assist you through a personal bankruptcy or consumer proposal in Canada.  Because filing for bankruptcy or entering into a debt pooling plan called a consumer proposal is federally regulated by Industry Canada, all Trustees in Bankruptcy are governed by this federal legislation.  Taking your first step to understanding your Canadian Bankruptcy Options will help to relieve any anxiety about financial uncertainty so you can get back to your life.

If you are suffering from overwhelming debt and other money problems in Victoria, Duncan, Mill Bay, Cobble Hill, Colwood, Langford, Westshore, the Gulf Islands, or Sooke, bankruptcy may be the right solution for you and your family. As a Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional, Colleen Craig, CA, CIRP of Victoria Bankruptcy Services can give you the sensitive and professional assistance you need to get through this difficult time.

C.E. Craig& Associates Inc, and acting trustee Colleen Craig, a Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional, are Trustees in Bankruptcy and can help you through the all aspects of individual financial repair including personal bankruptcy, debt settlement plans or proposal to creditors.

Our mission is to provide financial solutions for individuals and corporations and to secure the necessary participation of all stakeholders including creditors and government agencies when necessary.  We are committed to providing personal, professional service with efficient and satisfying results.

You may have other options than bankruptcy. Alternatives include debt consolidation called a consumer proposal. You will find professional help valuable in deciding which way best fits your personal situation.

It is as easy as filling out one form to start your financial recovery. Your initial consultation is offered FREE of charge and is as easy as an Email to arrange an appointment.

Get started with Victoria Bankruptcy Services and C.E. Craig by filling out our First Step Evaluation Form to get started!

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