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2014-03-27 00:34:50

What documents do I bring to my bankruptcy consultation?

What do I need to bring to my bankruptcy consultation? 

 This is a free one on one, office consultation where we go over your personal information and financial situation and outline your options.  At your free consultation she will walk you through your options from a proposal to your creditors or a personal bankruptcy if that is the option that works better for you

To make the first consultation the most useful for you, please bring the following;

-       List of your debts (to whom and amounts),
-       List of the values of any assets you own and debts secured against those assets if any
-       An estimated “average” month’s income and expense for your family unit.

On line we have an application form which does not have to be completed prior to the meeting, but it does give you an idea of the type of information that we need in order to process your formal bankruptcy, if bankruptcy is the route that you choose.

If you decide that you want to do a formal arrangement with your creditors, either a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, we need the completed application documents generally at least two days in advance in order to generate the formal forms for you to sign.


You can fax them to us if that helps or alternatively scan and email.  Of course we also need copies of your backup documentation as outlined on the first page of the application form.


Yes, you can go ahead and tell your creditors that you are declaring bankruptcy which may or may not stall them, but there really is no harm at this point and may save them some court costs.  All of your creditors should be listed, anywhere in the world.